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Ranni Ziss Architects

Ranni Ziss Architects (RZA), the

firm entrusted with designing the Rothschild 10 tower, specializes in hospitality, residential, and commercial spaces. Over the years, the firm has designed a wide variety of innovative, groundbreaking projects of all sizes and scales, from intimate boutique hotels to impressive resort complexes, residential buildings, offices and commercial centers, hospitals, and academic institutions.

The firm’s interdisciplinary practice offers practical, high-quality design solutions from the concept stage through to project completion. This results in the creation of meaningful, inclusive communal spaces, which are inspirational and interwoven with the site’s cultural, social, and physical fabric. These are solutions arising from an informed, analytical process that addresses the real needs of the real people for whom these buildings are intended.

When designing the Rothschild 10 complex, Ranni Ziss was guided by an architectural vision inspired by the project’s surroundings – Rothschild Boulevard, which encapsulates the city’s past, present, and future. This elegant, innovative tower emerges from within five original Ahuzat Bayit houses, which function as the tower’s roots in the city’s history, while the unique architecture tells the city’s wondrous, exhilarating story.

BLK – Barely Levitzky Kassif Architects
& Town Planners (1989) Ltd.

Associate partner; Sagi Morshtein

BLK – Barely Levitzky Kassif Architects & Town Planners (1989) Ltd. is an international architecture firm headquartered in Israel.
Formed in 1989 by Uri Barely, Coby Levitzky

and Moti Kassif, three highly experienced

and creative architects, with comprehensive understanding of the design, construction and business requirements of their world wide clientele, the firm is one of Israel’s largest and leading firms.

Areas of Expertise

BLK has extensive experience in planning large scope projects including commercial centers, shopping malls and power centers, office and residential towers, entire neighborhoods, major housing and vacation home developments, mixed use projects, logistic centers, high tech and industrial facilities, life science design, tourism and leisure recreation complexes, as well as healthcare, educational and other public facilities.

The Firm’s services encompass all levels of architectural design, from town planning and urban design to a single office building, providing the entire required material from general master plans to detailed drawings. In some projects, the Firm acts as Architect in charge on behalf of the authorities.

Highest Standards of Craftsmanship

BLK which includes over 100 architects backed by experienced administrative team, offers leading entrepreneurs throughout the world the highest standards of craftsmanship. The Firm has carried out large and highly complex projects with the highest level of service and in the shortest possible time. BLK utilizes the latest computerized systems and equipment, providing drawings in dwg or dxf formats. 

Serving Clients worldwide

BLK serves major developers worldwide, and has undertaken major projects in Europe and the US usually acting overseas in joint ventures with leading local architecture firms.  

In Israel, the Firm serves public companies, private developers and government authorities, cooperates with international architects such as Richard Meier & Partners (RMP), Pei Cobb & Freed (PCF-P) and has established the IDG group together with Rani Ziss Architects.  

Orly Shrem, Interior Architecture

Orly Shrem Architects specializes in the design and layout of bespoke homes, luxury apartments, commercial projects, and public buildings in Israel and worldwide. The studio was established by architect Orly Shrem in 1980 and maintained its attention to detail and commitment to the highest international standards of design ever since. Thanks to the studio’s versatile architecture, it offers sustainable, long-term solutions that not only serve clients’ needs but also speak to their own physical and social context.

Orly Shrem’s design concept for the Rothschild 10 complex combines Israeli and international elements. Classic, clean, and elegant, the design evokes a cozy, homelike atmosphere through the use of soft colors and natural materials. The timeless design captures the special features of the city and the coast, perfectly blending Tel Aviv’s past, present and future. 

Amnon Bar Or - Tal Gazit
Architects Ltd

Established by architect Amnon Bar Or in 1978, the firm specializes in historical and architectural documentation, planning preservation and restoration projects, repurposing historic structures and complexes for contemporary use, the preservation and development of archaeological sites, and preparing preservation outline plans for towns and cities. These include: Safed, Beit Shean, Rehovot, Rishon LeZion, Kfar Saba, Givatayim, Rosh Pina, Herzliya, Tiberias, Gush Halav, Old Jaffa, and more.

Together with architects Tal Gazit and Sivan Abargel, the firm has guided the preservation and restoration of some of Tel Aviv’s most significant historical buildings: Levin House (the Russian Embassy) on Rothschild Boulevard, Weiss House on Herzl Street, Mani House on Yehuda Halevy Street, Twin House on Mazeh Street, Zharsky House on Gordon Street, HaTachana (the Station Complex), and Sarona.

Mr. Ziv Aviram

One of Israel’s most esteemed businessmen and entrepreneurs – a status he has achieved through numerous remarkable successes.

Ziv Aviram co-founded Mobileye in 1999 and held the positions of President and CEO until it was acquired by Intel. Mobileye led a revolution in the world of transportation and the prevention of car accidents, and is playing a great role in the autonomous driving industry. In 2014, Mobileye was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and claimed the title of the largest Israeli IPO ever. In 2017, Intel acquired Mobileye for $15.3B, which is the biggest ever acquisition of an Israeli company.

In 2010, Mr. Aviram co-founded OrCam and served as the company’s President and CEO for 11 years. Currently, he serves as OrCam’s Co-Chairman. OrCam harnesses advanced computer and AI technologies into revolutionary assistive devices which improve the lives of individuals who suffer from visual or hearing impairments, as well as those with reading and learning difficulties.

As part of his agenda and business activities, Ziv Aviram sees the importance of the Israeli high-tech industry. He advises, accompanies, and invests in dozens of startup companies in the fields of medicine, transportation, artificial intelligence, and more. The leading criterion in choosing the investment is its contribution and impact on humanity.

In 2021, together with his four children, he founded the Aviram Foundation. The foundation’s activities reflect the family values – a combination of innovation, social involvement, connection to the land and the country, and provision of opportunities – for the benefit of changing the day-to-day reality for the better.


A unique combination of vision, values, outstanding professionals, and advanced management and engineering methods – this is the formula that has transformed Tidhar from a youthful, ambitious contractor, into Israel’s largest, highest-quality private real estate group.
The Tidhar Group develops, plans, designs, and builds residential, office, and commercial buildings in Israel and worldwide, and also undertakes urban renewal projects and finishing works. In addition, the Group owns various large-scale income-producing properties in Israel and abroad, and co-owns the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Herzliya Marina, among other properties.

In recent years, Tidhar has regularly been ranked among Israel’s top ten large real estate companies in Israel. Tidhar Construction, the Group’s construction division, is ranked as the second-largest construction company in Israel. Ever since it was founded, Tidhar has been committed to protecting its local environment, and is now leading the sustainability revolution in the Israeli real estate industry in an effort to create a greener, healthier world.

Tidhar’s business has always been guided by its vision and core values: reliability, individual and organizational excellence, teamwork, customer focus, commitment to results, and adherence to timetables. Tidhar has been awarded numerous prizes for its consistently exceptional service and quality.

The information provided in this book is not to be regarded as an undertaking of Tidhar and the only obligating instrument concerning the Units and the information contained herein, including without limitation: all specifications, amounts, illustrations, furniture, facilities, fixtures, appliances, and any other element of any kind shall be determined solely in accordance with a duly executed purchase agreement between Tidhar and the purchaser, if signed by Tidhar. The planning is not final and subject to modification, change and/or discard at any time, under the sole discretion of Tidhar. No representations or guarantees are made that the features, amenities, facilities, and future actual views from any portion of the project will be as depicted herein. All design suggestions, furniture details, accessories, floors, including wooden floors, pergolas, facilities, accessories, appliances, plants, included in the photos, are intended for illustration and for impression purposes only and are not included in the apartments and do not bind Tidhar. All pictures included in this book are for illustration purposes only, are not final, and do not bind Tidhar. Photographs and lifestyles depicted are for illustrative purposes only. The pool, the spa, the gym, the meeting rooms, and the hotel restaurants are part of the hotel grounds and are the property of the owner of the hotel areas only, and don’t include in the residential areas of the building. The final number of the floors amount in the building is subject to a building permit. Tidhar is entitled to change the numbering of the floors in the building at its sole discretion. All content relating to the city of Tel Aviv does not constitute a recommendation or opinion and is intended to provide only general and marketing information for impression purposes only. Those who use or rely on the information in this book and/or make decisions based on this information, do so at their own risk and waive any claim against Tidhar concerning the use of the information.  All rights reserved.